Kirti Kulhari turns the manufacturer to Nayeka, launching a production house

Kirti Kulhari has set up his own production house called Kintsukuroi Films, whose first project will be a drama of Nayeka’s comedy.

Commenting on this new project, he said: “Starting a manufacturing center has been an old idea that has stuck with me for years. As an actor, the past three years have been very rewarding for me and have made me want to grow my interest and focus on other aspects of filmmaking. Now I want to take action further and feel the urge to bring back what is good and tell global stories that are unique, needy and heartfelt. “

“The aim is to create a cohesive and cohesive culture in filmmaking. Unfortunately, leadership is the way things work and I can strive to bridge these differences, embrace and respect the skills that come to the table equally. The idea is to create opportunities for young artists. , artists, “he says.

Kirti Kuli

Speaking about the importance of the name of Production house, Kirti says ‘Kintsukuroi’ is a Japanese word meaning the skill of making a broken pot of gold. The basic premise of the concept is that once an object is broken, a person uses gold to repair it, making it more beautiful than it was before it was broken.

Starting her journey as a filmmaker with Nayeka, Kirti said: “When Vashisht (Producer) brought the film to me last year, I was immediately an actor and can proudly say that I would never ask for it. a good start to my journey as a producer as well. My choices as a drama are many that I want to reproduce as a producer. He left me with a fun place to explore what I had never done before. It is a very fast-paced comedy and it has young, strong and talented people who come together. Editor and author Ajaykiran Nair has done an excellent job. Special posts like these make me a great start to my journey as a producer. “

Nayeka is the story of an actor who is struggling with a case that was accidentally caught by a criminal.

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