“Keep your pet free of charge,” says the electrician

Britain’s third-largest electricity supply chain has sparked outrage by urging families to save money this winter by having “hugs”, eating “porridge dishes” and sticking to “non-alcoholic beverages”.

Counselors called the advice provided by the Ovo Energy component to its customers Monday “insulting” and “offensive”.

The email sent by the company contained 10 “simple and inexpensive ways to warm up this winter”, such as having “hugs with your pets and loved ones to relax” and eating ginger but avoiding chilli “because it makes you sweat.” ”.

The email, reviewed by Financial Times, forwarded to clients of SSE Energy Services, Britain’s gas and gas business purchased by Ovo in 2020.

Britons are facing a much bigger challenge Squeeze their money since the 2008-09 financial crisis. Electricity bills for millions of households in April are expected to rise by 50 percent, or £ 700, up to £ 2,000 a year at home, as the price of electricity in Britain is adjusted.

Darren Jones, chairman of the business selection committee, asked Ovo to apologize to his clients for the “uninterested” comments.

“Being told to put on a jumper instead of turning on the heaters if you can’t afford it, at a time when many families are in trouble, is stressful,” said the Labor MP.

Theresa Villiers, a former Tory minister, said the plot may have been well-intentioned, however, “uninteresting”. “A lot of people are very worried about the rising electricity bill and don’t want to be told to jump on the bandwagon,” he added.

The the rapid rise of electricity bills following a rise in gas and electricity prices since last summer. The cap, which guarantees bills for more than 15m families, was raised by 12 percent by Ofgem power supervisor in October.

Aid agencies have warned of an increase in electricity prices has brought down millions of other families in “oil poverty”, which adds to the problems that are to come.

Included in the email is a policy of “move” by “exposing children to hula-hoop competition”, cleaning the house or “doing a few stars”.

Ginger is recommended because it “warms you up by boosting blood flow”, as is the case with energy foods, including porridge, which “will help increase your body temperature, because it takes longer to digest”.

Consumers are also advised to drink more water because body temperature can drop due to dehydration, but they are warned that “the heat of the wine or whiskey is temporary because you will soon lose heat from the heat and eventually feel very cold”. “Add a few alcoholic beverages,” he said.

One official said the advice to eat porridge and stop drinking was “like a Dickensian dream”.

Clive Lewis, MP for Labor at Norwich South, said the guidelines were “similar” and “disappointing”.

“It’s funny and insulting, but because of the powerlessness of this government you expect it,” he said. The comments “will be read by the people who have to choose between eating and heating. . . if that’s the way the world we are in I find it very frustrating ”.

Ovo said: “We understand how difficult things can be for many of our clients this year. We are working hard to find effective answers as we approach the electricity crisis, and we recognize that the content of this blog was misinterpreted and unhelpful. We are ashamed and sincerely apologize.”

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