Jesse Watters Named Permanent Resident on 7 PM Show on FOX News

Jesse Watters has just received a promotion from FOX News.

In addition to co-hosting The Five, he also released his Saturday night program, Watters’ World, which will be canceled to host a 7 PM show from Monday to Friday.

For several months now, the 7 PM show has been called the FOX News Primetime, but will now be changed to the Jesse Watters Primetime.

FOX News release the following:

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Jesse Watters has been appointed director of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) 7 PM / ET hour, announced Suzanne Scott, CEO of FOX News Media. The one-hour program, called Jesse Watters Primetime, will be launched on January 24. Mr. Watters will continue to be a co-founder of The Five, one of the highest-profile exhibitions on cable issues and will leave his week-long show Watters’ World. The new 8 PM / ET program on Saturday night will be announced later.

Announcing this, Ms. Scott said, “Jesse’s diversity and hospitality have grown significantly over the past five years, and he has been in close contact with the audience through two of The Five and Watters’ World shows. We look forward to seeing him expand his connection to this new mid-week hour. ”

Watters added: “I am delighted to be in this new role and thank you for this opportunity.

Collaborating with the network in 2002 as a production assistant, Mr. Watters made his film appearance in 2003 as a reporter for The O’Reilly Factor. In that capacity, he conducted interviews with street people on a variety of topics ranging from politics to pop culture in the Watters’ World region and conducted research activities with the show’s team.

All the best to Jesse.

He will be the best fit this time.

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