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I repeat information of wireless headphones, so I’m always curious about what will happen when companies offer their annual updates on new products. Over the past few years, small size, good battery life and hands-free equipment have become the norm, but there is much you can do on such a small device.

In 2021, Jabra introduced a new standard for cheap wireless ears and . At $ 80, it has a lot of essentials. Now the company is adjusting its mid-term approach and . It is a type that focuses on exercise, full of noise barrier (ANC) and adequate moisture protection in the areas that produce the most sweat. As it did last year, Jabra does not want to make its real wireless line-up compact in terms of form and functionality, as well as make its price competitive. This $ 120 model offers many options that we see in the ear that go for $ 150- $ 180.


  • Expensive
  • Good enough
  • Strong word quality
  • A stable ANC


  • Noise control is fine
  • Hard fixes
  • There is no suspension only
  • No wireless charging

Elite 4 Active has new Jabra designs launched on Elite 3, Elite 7 Active and Elite 7 Pro last year. Instead of having an elliptical earlobe with a microphone, the company radically changed the shape of the perfect triangle. Most importantly, the latest Jabra headphones are much smaller than they were before and Elite 4 Active continues this. The small size not only means that the leaves do not come out of your ears, but are also light and comfortable.

I would not say you are wrong Elite 4 Active for Elite 3. Interestingly, the main difference with the external group at 3 is one big button, while that area at 4 Active is seamless. The button is there, but it has been pressed. Jabra has increased water resistance to IP57 of this type, and the board controls are one area that should increase security. Obviously, Jabra has been making ear sensors that feature Active label fitness. Good sweat protection is often part of this approach.

Jabra continues to redesign its real wireless line with good choices at affordable prices.  With Elite 4 Active, you get the same features as the ANC and better water resistance on the original Elite 3 model. The sound quality is good and the battery life is strong, which contributes to the lack of essential features.

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Lack of a specified band or button became a problem for me when I found edits. I had to train myself to remember the pressure in the middle of the ear because getting too far or down would not record my actions. The exterior of the Elite 4 Active is smooth, with no drop point indicating that you are in the right place. In time, I may be able to adjust to this, but after several weeks of trying, I still do not always fit in.

Like any other type of Jabra, you can customize Elite 4 Active according to your needs through the company’s Sound + app. Since this set is the Jabra intermediate method, you get more than Elite 3, but not like Elite 7 Pro or Elite 7 Active. First, there is the ANC and it is personal. Notice I did not say adjustable. In particular, the program allows you to set the noise level at the initial setting. You can also improve if you want more of one side than the other. Jabra allows you to repeat this if you wish, but there is no slope as easy to reach as the Elite 7 models.

The company’s interface, HearThrough, can be streamlined in the app via a slider. Instead, you can re-apply what voice correction is done (one print left). You can run it around HearThrough with ANC, HearThrough and off or HearThrough, ANC and turn it off. The app also gives you the option to turn on and off Sidetone, which allows you to hear your voice while playing. Unlike other Jabra varieties, it does not change – all or none. However, being able to feel yourself in no time to shout at Zoom is good for everyone. The company’s Get My Own feature is back, to help you find the right ear plug if you want to give the right license. And on Android, you can choose one way to access Spotify if it’s your favorite job to promote.

Jabra continues to redesign its real wireless line with good choices at affordable prices.  With Elite 4 Active, you get the same features as the ANC and better water resistance on the original Elite 3 model. The sound quality is good and the battery life is strong, which contributes to the lack of essential features.

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For the $ 120 earphones, I would not blame you for not expecting much in the hearing department. However, Jabra has a clear reputation for its wireless vocals. With Elite 4 Active, the company maintains its reputation for pages that are clear, but not bad. There’s a lot of clarity and good detail, but it doesn’t have a bigger interface and more valuable colors from the preferences of and to give.

Elite 4 Active has some great music-listening features, but great songs like Run The Jewels “Mean Demeanor” and Gojira “Another Country” sound oppressed. Bass is strong and muddy, so retaining energy during exercise with hip hop, EDM, or is not a problem. All in all, music has no punches that you can earn with a lot of money. For $ 120, Elite 4 Active makes this work possible over and over again.

If you feel you want to change the EQ, you can do this in the Sound + app using slides. If instantaneous word change becomes your style, Jabra will also provide you with filters to quickly change your style. It’s not the most powerful vocal choice, but it’s more than you can find on the cheapest Elite 3.

One advantage that Elite 4 Active has over Elite 3 is noise reduction. As I said, you can change the look to some degree, but it is not as strong as the ones on Jabra’s ears. However, the ANC here will help prevent some disruptions, do not expect it to carry too much cargo.

Elite 4 Active is equipped with four microphones. Jabra is said to be covered with a special “mesh” to reduce wind noise when you are outside. In most cases, the distances vary greatly in the ringing of phones with real wireless ears. You usually just feel like you are on a speakerphone. With Elite 4 Active, the sound is a bit better, but still not ideal if you have a microphone close to your mouth – or a sharp point in your face. Background noise is reduced when you speak, but any natural sound disturbs when you do not speak.

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Jabra says you can expect up to seven hours of battery life on the Elite 4 Active, with three additional charges for a total of 28 hours. The company did not say whether it had an ANC or not, but in my experiment I managed seven and a half hours and stopped noise. It’s not the best battery life you can find in a wireless ear, but it’s enough to last a working day if you take a break or two. If the water runs out before you go out the door, a quick recorder gives you an hour to work for 10 minutes.

At $ 120, Jabra offers intermediate guarantees at the same price as other types of companies. In addition, most of them do not support the ANC, leaving no visible form or changing terms. Samsung has put a noise barrier inside its cheap wireless model with the phone . These earwags are minimal and clear and wireless charging is included, but the ANC system is fine. Plus, the Galaxy Buds 2 is the only IPX2 voted, so you need to be careful how you get wet. The total cost is $ 150, but we have seen it .

If you are looking to increase your dollars, I would suggest you check out Anker’s Soundcore line. You can find a lot of valuable information, and form, Apo. In addition, the ANC’s highest corporate corporation, , and Only $ 170. And if you are good and free, can work for $ 60.

If Jabra’s new job is to offer the same color as its rear earrings at cheaper prices, I have come for this. With Elite 4 Active, as with Elite 3, the company has managed to offer a wide range of products at a reasonable price. It did not slow down a bit to do so, improving the quality as it was designed to fit and maintain its volume. There are some exceptions, but all the basics are covered and it usually goes well. Once again, we have more evidence that you do not have to spend more than $ 150 to get good wireless ears.

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