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Australia’s immigration minister now has to make a political decision if he uses his powers to violate a judge’s decision.

When Australian immigration officials denied that the tennis star Novak Djokovic was not allowed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and banned his visa, he caused a number of problems – political, political and legal.

The world’s greatest tennis player spent four days in a Melbourne refugee locker room among refugees and internally displaced persons before Federal Circuit Court Judge Anthony Kelly. he granted her request and ordered his release and his visa was reversed.

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is now due to make a politically motivated decision to use his powers to overturn a judge’s decision.

But what has happened in the last few days and what seems to be happening before the tennis game?

Where now?

First, a good class of accommodation. After a judge ruled in his favor on Monday, Djokovic was immediately released from Melbourne’s Park Hotel to join his team in an upstairs room for the entire time he was in Australia.

Djokovic quickly headed to the Australian Open, Melbourne Park, last night training section. He also trained on Tuesday, showing that what he sees is still the focus of his quest for a 21st Grand Slam title.

Hawke is to choose on the future of Djokovic Wednesday.

Another issue under consideration is that Djokovic may have mistyped his entry form when he filed a box stating that he did not go 14 days before arriving in Australia on January 6. In fact, Djokovic boarded a Spanish train at that time.

What did the court say?

Perhaps the secret of the whole story and the most difficult question to answer is that Djokovic has valid medical information forgiveness entering Australia without vaccination.

Tennis Australia, Victoria state government and federal government have different ideas.

Prior to his move to Australia, Djokovic was enthusiastic about receiving the vaccine. When questioned at Melbourne airport by border officials Thursday morning, he admitted that he had not.

His request for medical exemption from non-Australian vaccination is based on his claim to have been diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 16.

The medical teams set up by Tennis Australia and the Victoria government gave Djokovic no vaccination to play in the Australian Open for that reason. Djokovic’s lawyers argued that there was good reason to believe that the same standard applies at the border.

What was the case?

Djokovic was quick to receive a court ruling. During his four days in the refugee prison he wrote only once, thanking his fans for their help.

Early Tuesday morning, he also wrote on Twitter thanking the court for approving his case.

Questions are still relevant to Djokovic’s recent test. He underwent PCR testing on December 16 and received positive results that night but is said to have appeared in public for the next several days.

The role of politics

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne to face daily charges of COVID-19. Numbers were also increasing throughout Australia because of the Omicron species.

The government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticized for lowering the barrier to certain viruses as Omicron’s cases began to grow and for failing to conduct antigen tests quickly.

Morrison did not comment further when Tennis Australia and the Victoria government agreed to Djokovic’s request for a hospital stay. But after Djokovic’s visa was revoked, he was quick to comply with the ruling, feeling accepted by the people.

He wrote in a tweet “rules and regulations”And repeated the question in the next few days. At first, it seemed like a bit of a political victory.

The border crossing on the Australian border during the epidemic divided families by preventing Australians living on the other side from returning home.

It is possible that one of the world’s fastest runners and skeptics may be receiving special treatment at the border that Morrison could not see.

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