In Egypt, 2 died when a truck came down from a boat, crashing into the Nile

CAIRO (AP) – At least two people have died and eight are still missing Tuesday after a minibus they were traveling in disembarked and crashed into the Nile River, Egypt officials say.

The accident happened outside Cairo on Monday, in the town of Monshat el-Kanater in Giza state, the prosecutor’s office said.

The document stated that the driver was unable to drive the vehicle when the boat was unlicensed, which had crossed the river. The truck was carrying 24 workers, including children, from the field where they work, he said.

Fourteen people were rescued, and rescue workers were searching for those missing, it said.

Authorities have arrested three truckers and crew members, and they are investigating the boat’s owner, he said.

Boat, rail and road accidents are common in Egypt mainly due to poor planning and lawlessness.

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