How the world adopted the Wordle

You probably haven’t The Word. It’s possible that if you’re not on social media and you don’t know anyone who wants to prove they are smart every day, you probably haven’t seen an amazing bunch of gray, green and yellow circles showing how quickly someone just thought of five-letter words.

But in two years’ time, as Netflix shows a 90-minute view of the passions surrounding the online game, you, the discerning FT reader, can enjoy this episode. The rest of us can get together and warm up on the Scrabble board without the need for a world as we wonder if Wordle can endure beyond what they started.

In the epidemic, time is always wet, so it probably does not make sense that, as recently as November, the browser mode had only 90 players per day. By last week, it is said to be reaching more than 2m per day, the price of R to match the new version.

With the decrease in the number of strangers then, what is the meaning of Wordle? It is a comparison of five-letter words within six tests. Every idea must be a valid word, and after every test it is revealed which characters are correct and in the right place, right but wrong, or wrong. Every day is a new Wordle dawn and when you finish one you are encouraged to share your team of colors (with deleted characters to avoid spoilers) with your friends and competitors. Tested?

My first Wordle interview took place last weekend and it involved three men who were arguing a lot about which word should be the first to consider in order to achieve it. Another friend wrote on Twitter that he could leave his password instead of sharing it with “Originator”. A photo editor at the Times offers tips on how to edit your section; The Guardian wrote a paragraph explaining the history of consonant languages ​​that are commonly used. Every morning, the new Wordlers present their finished teams with a mixture of embarrassment and pride for an uninterested audience.

As social networking is also divided into two nasty camps, the sharing that makes the game live has already moved secretly. One day last week I received four unsolicited photos in my DMs. All of Wordle. I know what you’re thinking – and I’m not sure there is a big difference in motivation.

Wordle’s secret, of course, is a strange lack. With hangman crossed with 1970s code-breaking game Mastermind. If you make a plan to break the board, Wordle will not give you much trouble. Its founder said that its popularity comes from its simplicity, and it hides difficult thinking. . . It makes me smart and people like that, “he told one reporter.

Satisfying entertainment with clever solutions has a strange appeal and is popular. Remember the Sudoku riots? They have been chasing extreme loyalty, and thus their power in the daily newspaper market; Ideally, the first rule of thumb is “wordless”. In these critical times, we call them “working drivers”.

But Wordle still has no commercial advertising. His opening story was probably the most romantic thing I have ever read – NYC hipster Josh Wardle gave a gift to his best friend, he told The New York Times. and how he expresses his love. Nora Ephron looks down from her chair of infinite intelligence to say, “Good job, pal”. He does not take commercials, he has not even made a program because he does not want “interesting grabbing” or data sucking up. You play once a day and that’s it. You just watch the clock count until tomorrow’s picture is available.

What could be more exciting or better? The last “white thing” on the internet, as Wordle was mentioned, has inevitably attracted many enemies.

Last week, an unscrupulous young man, or businessman, decided to put Wordle in a program, as well as the App Store, with a $ 30 subscription for unlimited puzzles. Although he denied any wrongdoing as a Downing Street party member, Apple withdrew. More in line with the spirit of the business, several free games inspired by the first to emerge. Queerdle has a pink background and democratic definitions of democracy. Sweardle – yes, you have a point.

The illegal nature of the game has made it well known to mathematicians as linguists. One day, after a series of commercials, an engineer released a Wordle code to find all the 2,500 unintelligible words in his archive. Good luck to the person who can pass the first test, every day: you did not understand the task.

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