Horizon Fitness Review 7.8 AT Treadmill: Exercises Connected Without Registration

Simple technical treadmills I want to lock you in a workout program. If you want to use, say, NordicTrack treadmill, you have to use the company promotional platform live exercise and what you want. The same goes for Peloton, Myx, and any other internet-connected machines you can find, where you will have to pay a fine to get the streaming on the treadmill.

Horizon’s 7.8 AT does not require such a commitment. Smart treadmill works with fitness programs made by foreign companies such as Peloton, Zwift, Studio, and Nike Run Club. Runners also have the option of never using the app at all. If you are not exercising, the 7.8 AT comes equipped with a variety of features, including a 5K startup program; calorie intake, time, or distance; and Sprint 8, an eight-week 20-minute exercise program designed specifically for fat burning.

7.8 The AT also deviates from the latest modes by avoiding any kind of video viewing. There’s a 9.3-inch LED display that shows a lot of fitness features such as running, speed, descent, and running time, but the screen does not play video or entertainment. Instead, there are two shelves between the contractor (one high, one low) that work best on a phone or tablet. This allows athletes to play whatever they want on their equipment, Nike Run Club gym, Peloton running class, podcast, or Seinfeld section.

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Your device connects to the device via Bluetooth, so if you use a running app, Horizon can feed data to a mobile app so you can monitor your activities. You can also play music or audio of your video via the front 7.8 AT dual front speakers. And you don’t have to worry that your device might die, because there is a charge entry made in the treadmill notebook.

7.8 AT is Horizon’s premium treadmill. It features a large, 22-x 60-inch compartment with the most powerful engine inside the company, a chest strap with a heart rate monitor, and the aforementioned Bluetooth capability. Although upgraded, the 7.8 AT is at the very end of the high-priced high of $ 1,999. There are also additional fees because no registration is required to apply, which can save you hundreds of dollars on membership fees each year.

Horizon also offers five more treadmills. In addition to the 7.8 AT, the Studio series has a 7.4 AT for $ 1,599, and a 7.0 AT, which has a slightly lower space, $ 999. There are also three treadmills on the budget-loving list, starting at $ 649.

On Running

Obviously being able to adjust your workout in and out is very important to Horizon. There are quick-change buttons on both sides of the contract to change the speed and orientation, plus the buttons to adjust your music in the middle of the contract. The two supports reach the runner with the rollers at the end; the roller on the left changes the inclination, and the roller on the right drives the speed. The two triggers on the handle turn the switch to zero if you are heated and you have to stop, while the touch indicator gives you a quick look at your heart rate.

The 7.8 AT comes with a Bluetooth headset that controls heart rate. If the indicator is not provided or you do not want to install it, you can simply hold the hand sensors and measure your heart rate in this way.

For just under $ 2,000, the 7.8 AT is actually at the low end of the low-end models, especially compared to models like NordicTrack Commercial X32i ($ 3,999) and Peloton Tread (starting at $ 2,495). So where is the money going? It enters the engine of treadmill’s 4-horsepower motor. The largest engine on the Horizon line, was designed to respond to your changes and increase speed and speed. And it is a great achievement in that department. Whenever I change, the platform responds quickly without delay.

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