Google wants to work with governments to protect browser applications

Google has called on the US government to take immediate action to identify and protect open source projects that are critical to cyber security. Mu a the company was reprinted after the White House At Thursday’s meeting, Kent Walker, president of global affairs and head of legal affairs at Google and Alphabet, said the country needed a public and business partnership that would work to secure revenue and carry out key open operations.

“For a long time, the software team was comforted by the idea that open source software was safer for visibility and thinking that ‘more eyes’ looked to identify and solve problems,” he said. “But instead, while some projects have a lot of eyes, some are few or none at all.”

According to Walker, the partnership will look at the impact and importance of the project in determining how important it is to the entire environment. Looking to the future, it is said that these companies need new ways to identify applications that, down the line, could be at risk of cyber security.

Walker said there is also a need for more public and private funding, recognizing that Google is ready to provide support to an organization that resembles volunteers from similar companies for complex projects that need significant support. “Open access programs are a way to connect with more people around the world – it should look at the same as the money we give to our roads and bridges,” he said.

The importance of open source software has been the subject of much discussion since the discovery of Log4Shell vulnerabilities. Log4j is one of the most popular and widely used logging libraries, with functions like Steam and iCloud to copy. Security Inspector , who helped stop the spread of WannaCry, called the threat “extremely serious” while leaving millions of open source software to attack.

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