George Conway Appears At Scarborough To Explain In particular The Corrupted Evidence Excavated

There are some of us on this page who believe that false election vouchers have been submitted to Congress, also mention – presented to Congress, now he represents Trump’s biggest criminal protest if he knows about the plot (and I’m trying to figure out what he didn’t do?). But the case that demands punishment is retaliation and an attack on the Capitol, which calls for more violence in the future of this country unless it is prosecuted and violated.

To that end, George Conway appeared on Joe Scarborough this morning. Regardless of how one feels about George Conway or his personal and private life, one thing can be said beyond the cavil. He is one of the most powerful lawyers in Washington DC and has fulfilled his role for a number of reasons. So when speaking, it is better to listen – again, even if someone hates a man – for two reasons. One, of course, very few can solve legal issues like Conway. And second, because it is so secretive, the people in his position “hear things” from others, perhaps the lawyers who advised them, perhaps friends, or perhaps the votes they forced.

We will not hear “things” that he “hears” in the background. But what is heard behind the scenes informs how someone like Conway would be willing to go to what he is saying in front of the camera.

This morning, at Morning Joe’s, Conway had a lot to say about the 187-minute news we hear:

“Criminal law goes back to the question of Trump’s intent. He sat in his private dining room or anything else with the Oval Office watching a radio video, watching this for hours as people petitioned him, including his daughter, including his chief of staff, and perhaps people call him to say something. do something, leave it.

We hear that he looked happy. He wanted this to happen. He wanted anything to happen that would stop, delay, hinder – use the terms of the law – compliance with U.S. laws that would transfer power from him to Joe Biden. This is another well-known evidence we have.

Some of us have written that it is very important to get something, everything – no matter how small, to show that Trump knew there was a way to disrupt Congress, in some way – even though he did not know how to do it. . But some of us are not George Conway:

Joe Scarborough jumped to see how strong it could be in the final debate:

You can hear it at the end of the debate against the president, not that there can be a final argument against the president because he seems to be getting away with everything.

But you can hear the last argument that the president is part of these terrorists sitting there looking happy and wanting the riots to continue, then the prosecutor told the judges. [that] he was then dragged out hours later to deliver a recorded message to quell the riots and to stop the attackers, and at first he would not have said it. They made him do it again. They did it again for the rioters, but still did not tell them to stop.

“It takes them three times after noon bloodshed, in the afternoon police are being harassed by terrorists, and rebels are trying to destroy the United States for the president of the United States to thank them, but then tell them to go home.,

Joe is right, “he doesn’t seem to be doing anything,” but we can see that there has been a sharp rise in the last two or three weeks that could indicate a change in strength. It should no longer be taken for granted that Trump will not be prosecuted.

Conway also noted that the former will be in the National Archives and will be extremely dangerous:

“It took three times, but on this one alone, they didn’t trust him to do it. They didn’t trust him to do it because they were afraid of what he would say, so he lost two vessels and found himself semi-right in the third take.

Wait until we see the two take over because no doubt this was kept which was probably made to the committee by the National Archives. It’s going to be something. When those videos come out, I hope it will be something else. ”

It’s going to be something. But at the same time – and Conway knows this – they need to make it clear that everyone in the House knows that Trump did not win the election. (And everyone in the house knew he did not know). Perhaps Trump has convinced himself that he has won because he does not lose, which could make him a loser. Everyone knew. To put this attack in perspective, one has to melt the MAGA’s perceptions of reality – hearing from other MAGAs, who have called it theft. Only then will the MAGA hear that they have attacked the Capitol for lying.

We suspect the Committee has evidence pending, too.

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