French Comedy Video About Robot Attack

An android lady with blue eyes and a sly smile speaks to people on TV.

Picture: Netflix

French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has produced some high-profile films Delicatessan, City of the Lost Children, and Amelie (and he led the way again Guest: Resurrection, of which little is said to be good), but almost ten years have passed since he wrote and directed the final film. This is set to change this February, when the multi-sport, sci-fi Jeunet show Bigbug for a robot attack comes on Netflix.

Now, there are some amazing – or rightly so – two different words for the movie, and I’ll give you both:

1) “A group of quarrelsome rural people find themselves together while android riots cause their well-intentioned robots to be locked up for safety.”

2) “People gave a lot of work to AI in 2045, even to Alice’s house. That’s why when robots attack the government, its androids close its doors.”

If you look at this trailer, it looks like some of the androids are making a change, as the robots are trying to protect the bougie people inside Alice’s gaudy house. But maybe some robots are broken? Here’s a trailer, call your cell phone:

I’m not sure it doesn’t matter what things are going on that are disgusting, because everything that is shown in this trailer is so amazing. Aside from the fun and unique design of the robot / android, there is a blank slap, Catwoman dress, and I think I also saw a few guests in it very briefly? And the color of the film is just beautiful; while the plot may be incomprehensible, it may be worth looking at the visual art itself.

Bigbug Elsa Zylberstein, Isabelle Nanty, Stéphane De Groodt, Dominque Pinon, Youssef Hadji, André Dussolier, Alban Lenoir, Claud Perron, and Claire Chust. It will be shown on Netflix on February 11.

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