Former Spokesman Says Criticism Criticizes Ted Cruz

Old joke:

Why do people immediately hate Ted Cruz? Because it saves time.

Two behaviors have followed Ted Cruz throughout his life. It was considered given that Cruz had one of the most powerful legal concepts in the memory of everyone, much to the surprise of his Harvard teachers. Second, he was the most hated person in any group, group, group, or class, who was also known among the same professors at Harvard.

More recently, Cruz has given rise to public skepticism as to whether that “intelligence” is limited to his legal expertise and that the real Ted is speechless as a bunny fighter (Likewise Ben Carson was one of the best kids in the world. Brain surgeons , which you would allow to operate on your child’s brain for ten hours, but would not allow Carson to care for your child for an hour, such skills are rare.)

Now we hear that there may be a third character of Ted Cruz that should be better monitored than the two, who already flew under the radar. It can be dangerous, according to its former writer Amanda Carpenter, she writes The Bulwark.

We all had a good joke watching Tucker Carlson twist Ted through a cross maker earlier last week. But the Carpenter warns that it is a symbol of something no laughing matter.

This is the story of Cruz ‘use of the term “violent terrorists” in reference to protesters in Jan. 6 who harassed police officers. For this, last Thursday Carlson defendant Cruz “repeats Merrick Garland’s plans.” Burning. Lord knows, the worst thing he can do against the 2024 GOP President is to be on a mission with Biden officials on January 6th.

The fact that they were violent criminals means nothing to the current MAGA group.

It is worth remembering that when Cruz was coming into Republican politics, being tough on crime was good news. He should stick to the idea that a GOP voter wants to “return the blue” and that a successful politician should be consistent in criticizing terrorists left and right.

Well, now – again, we have evidence that Ted’s fire-fighting intelligence is limited because if he thought “supporting the blue” on January 6 was a good news for the MAGAs on January 6, 2022, then he has been asleep for a year or just asleep. stupid. Rights are still being violated by terrorists, but they must be legitimate criminals, those people. The terrorists who attacked the Capitol were patriots, not terrorists in particular and not terrorists. Any self-respecting MAGA knows that.

But that is the point of a Carpenter. Ted was right. Ted knows the truth. Ted went with the truth, And maybe old Ted would still have the truth. Then.

Ted went to Tucker to fix everything:

I have isolated myself. I was not saying that the thousands of peace protests that support Donald Trump in some way are terrorists. I was not saying that millions of patriots across the country are supporting President Trump and the terrorists, and that is what most people do not understand.

Carlson introduced Ted to a new language and a new way of thinking like MAGA. Carlson:

“If someone attacks a police officer, he should be prosecuted and sent to prison. I did not agree much. We have said this for many years. But the man is not a terrorist.”

(Unless he’s a racist, Carlson didn’t say, but he didn’t have to.) And, by the way, STFU, Tucker. That person is a criminal if the act was committed for a political purpose, not to rob a bank.)

Carpenter suggests that the clever Cruz could have given Carlson the real meaning of terrorists, who happen to fit the Capitol terrorists like gloves, but instead opted for a rabbit hole, which has since become very hot:

Let me be quick to point out, Tucker, remember, when thousands of people were standing up to defend this country on January 6, at the same time, I was standing in the Senate vying for the election results, wanting the electoral body to see evidence of voter fraud and convening ten MPs and one to join me in making sure of this.

So, it would be absurd to say that people are standing up and protesting against the law and criminals. I was talking about people who commit violence against the police, and you and I all agree, if you commit a crime against the police, you should go to jail.

This is a man who had thousands of better answers, which would have made Carlson come back shyly but still went straight to MAGA, meaning that Cruz is now battling DeSantis and Hawley to become the young man sitting at Father’s right hand.

The good news is, and maybe Carpenter didn’t realize it, but Cruz has messed up a lot more than he recently found. If he is dangerous, it is because he will make a mistake that causes everything to fall apart, not to do it on purpose, as some have suggested.

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