Ferrari hopes to maintain F1’s partnership with Philip Morris despite changing his name

Ferrari still hopes to remain in a relationship with former sponsor Philip Morris, although it lowered the name of the tobacco company “Mission Winnow” in its F1 division for 2022 season.

Team leader Mattia Binotto feels the team has a lot of “opportunities” to maintain a long-term relationship with the agent. Speaking in an interview with GPFans after the season, Binotto said “

“There are many opportunities we can work with, keeping them as partners.”

“We have choices on the table right now and we are still talking to them.”

“Hopefully, they will remain united, but it will take some days and some weeks.”

Ferrari’s partnership with Phillip Morris has caused a great deal of controversy and controversy in recent years. Although tobacco advertising has been banned in F1 since the 2006 season, Ferrari has found a way to further their lucrative partnership with Phillip Morris through their “Mission Winnow” articles.

From 2019, Ferrari will carry the Mission Winnow logo on their vehicles, with their official entry into the game being called “Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow”.

Phillip Morris describes Mission Winnow as a “transformation lab” that “transforms” global dialogue, networking, and “driving” innovations. But many are seen as a means of advertising the tobacco industry.

Nowadays advertising is very difficult … So what are you doing @Scuderia Ferrari You still keep Philip Moris as an agent, are you thinking of a financial negotiation?

In 2021, under pressure from the European Union, Ferrari was forced to remove the Mission Winnow logo from a European competition.

Former Ferrari manager Louis Camilleri has abruptly left Maranello at the end of 2020 likely to end the feud between Ferrari and Phillip Morris. Camilleri was also the chairman of Phillip Morris International and greatly contributed to Scuderia’s partnership with the tobacco company.

Ferrari is not the only one in F1 to support tobacco

On paper, tobacco advertising has been banned in F1 for the past 18 years. But the fact is, the support of the tobacco industry and its derivatives brought in $ 100 million for the game in 2020 alone.

While Ferrari is often criticized for continuing its partnership with Phillip Morris, many other groups have gone under the radar, even though they have supporters who promote tobacco and other products.

McLaren is said to have made about $ 20 million in 2019 from their agent Velas, who sells nicotine and tobacco products.

Due to Australian strict laws banning tobacco advertising from cars, @ McLarenF1 British American American tobacco company (@BATpress) passed through its car park as part of this week to @ 7Eleven, which does big business with BAT:

These figures are based on a recent STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products) report. The report reveals that F1 and MotoGP are the only high-tech games in the world that still accept tobacco.

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