Extreme Season Will Spread US $ 145 billion and 688 Lives in 2021

Hurricane Ida is the worst hurricane ever to hit the country in 2021.

Hurricane Ida is the worst hurricane ever to hit the country in 2021.
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Earther’s regular readers will know that there was no reduction in seasonal disasters that devastated the US last year, from Pipe explosion is raging in Texas to street heat in the Pacific Northwest to a a perpetual parade of wildfires mix well. Now, new reports from the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) provides an overview of the financial and human resources related to climate change crisis.

The commission recorded 20 seasonal events in the report, released Monday, that cost the U.S. $ nearly $ 145 billion. Any of the weather events alone caused people to lose at least $ 1 billion. The report also notes that last year’s bad weather caused 688 deaths in the US, indicating that we cannot change our approach to escalating the growing violence.

A tropical storm severely damaged the economy in 2021, costing $ 78.5 billion. Of these, $ 74 billion together came from Hurricane Ida, and a hurricane that left devastation from Louisiana to New York.

A fifth hurricane followed its tropical neighbors, costing $ 24 billion. Typhoons and wildfires cost the world $ 20.4 billion and $ 10.6 billion respectively. The the deadliest event of the season of 2021 was drought and heat waves spread to the west, killing 229 in the course of the year. (Although, it should be noted, some studies have led to the death toll from the Pacific Northwest only very high. Ditto kwa Texas cool snapshot.)

These figures are even worse than in previous years. The 20 seasonal events that cost more than $ 1 billion in 2021 exceeded the same seven times per year between 1980 and 2021.% of them.

Over the past five years, seasonal disasters have cost the economy $ US $ 742.1 billion and left 4,519 people dead. An astonishing number indicates some events. It is one of the most violent climates in which heat waves are most intense, hurricanes can wreak havoc, and wildfires can be even more devastating.

“Climate change is also contributing to the rise of other climates, which results in billions of dollars’ worth of disasters,” said the authors., “In particular the increased risk of drought, prolonging wildfires in the West, and the potential for heavy rainfall to become commonplace in the Orient.”

Another factor that drives the waste more and more people are living in disaster-prone areas. Population in coastal areas and areas where forests meet the so-called towns wildland-town form exploded. This integration has put the people and the infrastructure in place for the season – and all but the definite losses will continue more and more as the climate change worsens.

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