Downing St held two parties on the night of Prince Philip’s funeral, witnesses say

Boris Johnson is in dire straits after staff at Downing Street held two parties on the night the Queen was photographed alone to mourn the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

The Daily Telegraph reports that two departing parties were held in Downing Street for workers on April 16 last year. Downing Street did not deny anything that happened.

The next morning the Queen sat alone for a while funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, where only 30 relatives came to comply with the coronavirus vaccine.

Members of the congregation wore masks and lived far away. People were also encouraged not to pay their respects in person but to follow the funeral news on television or radio.

A government decree at the time stated: “You must not visit your home unless you are a family member or in a relaxed atmosphere. You can meet outside, in the fields, in groups of six or two families. ”

The newspaper reported on eyewitnesses who said about 30 people took part in two Downing Street parties that collided, with staff members dancing in the morning in the basement No. 10.

One witness said the partygoer was sent to the Co-op supermarket in Strand with a suitcase full of wine bottles and returned to Downing Street.

One party was held for a photographer and another for the former communications director and prime minister, James Slack. The newspaper reported that the minister was not present at No. 10 on the day the parties were thought to have taken place.

A spokesman for Number 10 said: “On the last day of the man’s speech he thanked the whole team for all the work they did to help him, all those who should have been in the office and on the staff computer. at home. ”

Angela Rayner, vice president of Labor, said on Twitter: “The queen was the only one to cry as many did at the time with their suffering and commitment to uphold the rule of law in the best interests of the country.

The Prime Minister also faced questions about the statements of other parties that took place at various times when the epidemic ban went into effect.

Recent revelations have also shed light on party culture in Downing Street through the Covid-19 epidemic and its escalation. questions on Johnson’s leadership.

Earlier this week Johnson was forced to apologize after admitting he had gone to a party “come with your beer” in Downing Street in May 2020, when the meetings were banned.

Admission has led to he tells her to step down from the leader of the Scottish Tories and a few members of his party.

Andrew Bridgen became the latest MP on Thursday to ask Johnson to step down. He also said he had sent a letter to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 backbench Tories committee, demanding that Johnson vote no confidence. Ninety such ballot papers can lead to a vote.

The prime minister has asked for patience Thanks Gray, a government official investigating a number of meetings in Whitehall that allegedly violated coronavirus restrictions, concludes his report.

“When the queen was alone, mourning the death of her husband, it was a closing picture,” Sir Ed Davey, a Liberal Democrat leader, said on Twitter. “Not because she is a Queen, but because she was a different person, she was crying to herself like many others. When she cried, Number 10 had a party. Johnson has to go.”

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