Donald Trump Jr. He tries to steal Biden’s debt

A Donald Trump Jr. he said what Biden should do is continue to adhere to his father’s financial policies that led to the economic recovery.

Donald Trump Jr. Video:

A Donald Trump Jr. said to Hannity, “All that Joe Biden had to do was nothing. He would have sat down, riding on my father’s economic shirt, his global values, peace in the Middle East, employment, American civilization, independence, and all that was possible. Instead, they spent five years trying to destroy it. ”

Donald Trump Spoiled Treasures In His Final Year In Office

Economists were warning that Trump’s economy would begin to collapse in 2019.

Trump’s response to COVID went downhill and turned into a quick disappointment.

Donald Trump Jr. was trying to fake it if the last year and a half of the Trump administration did not happen.

Joe Biden led to a booming economy with a mass vaccination program and a massive influx of public funds. If Biden followed Trump’s policy, the US would not be the world power.

Donald Trump Jr. he was trying to steal Joe Biden’s debt from the economy.

Former President Trump wants to dispel speculation that everything was fine when he was president. He hopes America will forget all about the economy and the role of President Trump’s COVID.

It will not work.

Donald Trump is now a loser. It is a perishable commodity, and many Americans face the challenge of pronouncing his name.

Donald Trump Jr. tried to steal the debt, but Americans will never forget the devastation caused by the Trump family.

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