DirecTV Kill American Story And Plans To Overthrow Them

One America News (OAN) receives 90% of their revenue from DirecTV, so the donor’s plan to drop them is a death penalty.

Bloomberg also directs DirecTV to crash OAN:

The satellite TV presenter informed the owner of OAN, Ideas for the company Herring Networks Inc., that it plans to stop carrying two of the company’s channels after their contract expires. Herring Networks also has AWE, a live channel that represents “A Wealth of Entertainment.”

“We have informed Herring Networks that, following the internal review process, we are not planning to enter into a new contract once our contract is complete,” the company said in an email to Bloomberg News.

Reuters Brad Heath also reported that OAN receives 90% of its revenue from DirecTV:

There were a number of factors that influenced the decision of DirecTV, which is only a small part of OAN. One America News had a brief vote later Trump angered Fox News for calling Arizona’s Joe Biden and publicly pushed his supporters to watch OAN.

Trump and his staff raised the OAN and often invited them to press conferences and presidential events during his tenure,

DirecTV actually built OAN, and without their money and platform, propagandistic serial misinformer is likely to disappear on Spring radios.

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