Dedicated servers will be down today from 06.00 PST in preparation for patch 4.0 and Neon

With the new Duelist Assistant, Neon, is supposed to be right there today, a Appreciation servers will be temporarily downloaded to configure patch 4.0.

Today’s update brings Part 4, Disruption, to the shooters. Together with Neon, the manufacturer is looking to bring more innovations to the game and shoot matches.

As a result, today’s updates will be huge, and Riot Games is looking to temporarily upgrade servers from 06.00 PST onwards in all areas.

Servers in all regions will be temporarily downloaded from 06.00 PST (Photo via Riot Games)
Servers in all regions will be temporarily downloaded from 06.00 PST (Photo via Riot Games)

The Valorant server validity page has also announced that along with the downsizing servers, the Competitive line will be suspended. Players receive easy upgrades to their territories when Disruption occurs.

All the changes you need to see in the Disruption of Part 4 of the Valorant

According to the most recent version, users will have many other features to look at in 4.0 and not just. Neon.

While the new Duelist is the biggest demonstration of change, Disruption brings about a major change in weapons.

The Specter will receive a lot of tweaks on all guns, as the manufacturer will want to reduce its flexibility and make it unusable over long distances. Bulldog, on the other hand, will receive a buff, along with Ares and the Guardian.

In addition, the Competition line have received a number of changes, as players who have never been in line for unselected games will not be able to play until their account reaches level 20.

The developer should do this because he feels that the growing Agent pool has been making it difficult for new players to learn the game’s best mechanics. As a result, gate keepers from public games to level 20 are the best way to allow newcomers to the shooter to take over their shooting range.

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