Contains educational rumors: The latest news from Brian Flores, Doug Pederson, some who were selected after Matt Nagy’s shooting

There was little doubt that the Bears would leave Matt Nagy after the 2021 NFL season. The teacher was in her fourth year with a permit and almost never did. He and senior manager Ryan Pace were given another chance to make things right, but just before the rush, he could be relegated in the 2022 NFL offseason.

That worked out. The Bears chased Nagy and Pace on Black Monday, at the end of the NFL season. The Bears recorded a 6-11 record and when Justin Fields occasionally illuminated, the error – which should have been Nagy’s playing card – was, in particular, a punch. As a result, the Bears fired the former Chiefs manager.

Now, Chicago will be looking for a new coach for the fourth time in the last decade, and the team must do well to win their first game since 2010.

As a result, it is not surprising that the Bears are throwing a large net to look for Nagy instead. They have already submitted a number of inquiries and have begun the process of harassing potential clients in the next few weeks.

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Here is the view of all the nominees that the Bears have asked to be interviewed on their vacant teaching job, according to various media reports.

Full list of Bears coaching candidates, interview requests

Brian Flores, former head coach, Dolphins

Flores, 40, was miraculously dismissed by the Dolphins after a series of wins as the team failed to reach the final. He led the Dolphins to a 24-25-1 record over three years with the team despite running a difficult rebuilding project. Flores is one of the most respected defenders in the sport and is expected to find a new senior coaching job at the moment. ALL: Bears announced Jan. 14 that they asked Flores about their teaching role.

Doug Pederson, former head coach, Eagles

Pederson, 53, spent the last year without coaching after spending five years with the Eagles. He made three playoffs in five games and led the team to victory in the Super Bowl against Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2018. He has a 42-37-1 record in addition to the Super Bowl ring and has attracted attention from several. teams looking for a head coach.

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Leslie Frazier, security coordinator, Bills

Frazier, 62, played for the Bears from 1981 to 1985 and helped the team win the Super Bowl ring in his final season. He has been an NFL coach since 1999 and is known as one of the best players in the game today. The Bills have been ranked No. 1 in terms of yards and points approved in 2021 and Frazier has coached three, top-three Buffalo teams. He coached the Vikings for three and a half years at a young age in 2010 and recorded a 21-32-1 record with one playoff form.

Byron Leftwich, promoter sponsor, Buccaneers

Leftwich played 10 NFL seasons as a quarterback before joining Bruce Arians’ senior manager. The 41-year-old has served as a frustrating midfielder for the past four seasons in Arizona and Tampa Bay and led three high-scoring errors with Jameis Winston and Tom Brady serving as quarterback. Leftwich looks a lot of boxes and could be a good mentor to Justin Fields.

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Brian Daboll, frustration manager, Bills

Daboll has held four different positions as an NFL sponsor, but eventually co-sponsored the Bills. He oversaw the development of Josh Allen since 2018 and turned a three-point deficit when he started in 2018 into the fifth division in 2020 and 2021.

Todd Bowles, defense coordinator, Buccaneers

Bowles, 58, is known as one of the best leaders in the league, and changed Tampa Bay’s standings from midfield to elite before the Super Bowl. Some may view the Bowles 24-40 history with the Jets as a red flag, but he led the team to an impressive 10-6 record in his first season before having the most talent. The Jets have just gone 13-36 since shooting the Bowles.

Matt Eberflus, security coordinator, Colts

Josh McDaniels hired Eberflus as part of his first Colts career before deciding not to take up the post in 2018. Frank Reich retained Eberflus, 51, and the decision has been well received. The Colts have always defended themselves on top of the defense and finished 10th in Eberflus’ four months in Indy. He could be the one to bring the Bears defense back to top form.

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Nathaniel Hackett, frustration manager, Packers

The Bears saw the work that Hackett, 42, did near NFC North with Aaron Rodgers. Passer Packers has integrated the MVP-caliber series of seasons under Hackett and has just confirmed that the coach works well with QBs. Hackett oversaw the Blake Bortles’ excellent season, one in which the Jaguars finished with five major bids, which would make him fit to work with the Fields.

Dan Quinn, security coordinator, Cowboys

Quinn once led the Falcons to the Super Bowl, but his head coaching career came to an end. His name resumed after he reversed the Dallas defense, which had become one of the strongest suspensions in 2020 and is now solid. Quinn has a 43-42-year history as a coach despite losing the season in the last three months in Atlanta.

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