COD Mobile Season 11: The famous locus

COD Mobile has released its final offering for the entire season. A new lucky shooter was added to the game earlier today, as players were able to release the well-known Locus sniper rifle. This is the second most popular type of Locus, and is paired with a new leather, Silver.

👣🎯 Tactfully and carefully, hunting for your meat will be a breeze first! ⚡ Sliver💥 Locus – Electron & more!

The Dusk Owl Draw is taking place COD Mobile, and players can purchase the well-known COD Points plans. The difficulty of pulling Locus skin initially is very low, but players often find well-known weapons right away.

Silver user skin is the second most rare item on the list. Usually, players have to buy everything if they want a weapon and a user. The cost of drawing the opportunity depends on the cost of COD Points in a particular area. In the United States, players can expect to spend $ 150 on every game.

Everything in COD Mobile Dusk Owl Draw in Season 11 ‘Final Snow’

Dusk Owl Draw is in play and players can start pulling to unlock Locus- Electron. The gun, unfortunately, does not have any flexible design, something that has been established well-known texts padera. However, it does have a special feature, which is found among the well-known sniper rifles in the game.

Aside from the Locus-Electron skin and the Silver operator, there are eight other features that players can expect to gain from this graphics. Listed below are all the items, according to their gravitational quantity:

  • Parachute- Heat Extractor
  • Muscle Car- Heat Solar
  • Calling Card- Twilight Escape
  • Crossbow- Heat Extractor
  • Avatar – Silver
  • Assault Knife- Heat Extractor
  • GKS- Heat Solar
  • Silver- Operator skin
  • Locus – Electron

Dusk Owl Draw is expected to remain in the game until the end of the current season. As the new season warms up, players will be able to see a number of well-known plans, some of which have already existed. leaking.

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