Cobblers Dreams Find Lanzarote Hurdle Trouble for Ben Case | Competitive News

Cobblers Dream won the winning Coral Lanzarote Handicap Hurdle in Kempton.

Mount Jack Quinlan was at the head of the story since the fall of the flag and, after a false start, confirmed the best place for a second tour.

Ch’tibello collapsed, lowering his favorite Green Book and blocking another favorite runner, Marie’s Rock.

Unaware of what had happened to the two market leaders, in front were Ben Case-trained Cobblers Dream and Highway One O Two leading the way.

Very few entered the race and there was no change in the second leg when Quinta Do Mar came down after disappearing due to controversy.

The Cobblers dream (10-1) ran to receive the coveted prize from Highway One O Two (25-1), with Call Me Lord (33-1) third and Gelino Bello (6-1) fourth.

Case said: “She’s been doing well all along. To be honest, the horse has been straight since we were with her.

“We thought we could get rich today after the last run and when he announced that the prize was going up, I thought this was the right place to come.

“I was a little nervous downstairs. It’s not too bad today. He went too fast and then slowed down and I think the first two were the first two, so he probably didn’t go too far. But he is a good horse.

“I think there is a lot to come from him, hopefully.”

Betfair gave the winner a 25-1 win over the Coral Cup, and the Court added: “He looks like a decent horse and where we come from here, I’m not sure. We’ll see what the capper does. We can crawl. Into something in Cheltenham, I don’t know.

“As you can see, he’s had a great season and I think he jumped the fences happily, then he’ll do this next year.”

“It was a difficult decision for Jack (Andrews) to go to Wetherby. He had the whole book on board and he would regret it, but Jack Quinlan got on him again and he knew the horse. So it was hard. For Jack.

“It’s great to have a great winner on Saturday and Lady Jane Grosvenor has been our assistant and she had some really good horses, and that looks like something else.”

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