Check out the first Caravan of the new Prince Spin-Off Bel-Air

It’s time for a new one The New Prince to take the throne.

Peacock released the first trailer for New Bel-Air Prince spin-off series Bel-Air Monday, Jan. 10, giving fans a taste of what to expect from an exciting rehearsal.

The trailer features Will, portrayed by the actor Jabari Banks, as he moves into his new home and reunites with his family after 10 different years. And although his cousins ​​welcome him, the same cannot be said of his Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) and new classmates.

Obviously, the first list is proof that Will will eventually find his way around, but it will not be easy in this cycle, which highlights prejudice and diversity at a deeper level.

The first three episodes of the series are set to rank at Peacock at the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13, with the remaining episodes released weekly.

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