CDC Superintendent Walensky Does Not Say How Many Americans Died “From” Covid vs. How Many Died “With” Covid

The world is waking up to what we said a year and a half ago – there is a difference between a person who dies with COVID and another who dies with COVID.

The US fraudulent government, after consulting with COVID, set up special mechanisms to explain the death toll. He began by stating that any death in which a person is suspected of having COVID death should be recorded as COVID death.

This led to thousands of deaths being reported as COVID deaths that did not occur. We said this in August 2020.

REPORT SHOCK: This week CDC Silently Modified COVID-19 Numbers – With 9,210 Americans Only Dying From COVID-19 Only – Relief Had Other Dangerous Illnesses

EXPERIENCE: CONCLUSION: Evidence Shows Yesterday Khaki-Clad Patriot Front Parade in Chicago In addition to ‘Tradecraft’ Demonstration of Federal Government Concerns

Our story received much attention when word spread that only 6% of all deaths reported that COVID deaths were caused by COVID alone. The remaining 94% of those who died of COVID deaths were those who died of COVID while those who died had more. On average, those diagnosed with COVID had more than two other co-morbidities.

President Trump shared the story with his son Don Jr. and many others on Twitter. “6%” was distributed online and publicly. We at TGP were attacked and criticized for claiming that only 6% of COVID-10 was killed by COVID alone, even though the information came from the CDC page.

Last week we sent a Viral Report on the COVID-19 numbers written by the President – Now Democrats, their Media and True Critic Checkers – Here’s Our Answer

By the end of 2020 the number of deaths that were counted as COVID deaths who died with COVID alone dropped to 5% on the CDC.

WHY IT HAPPENED: In August 2020 TGP Reported According To CDC Only 6% Of All COVID-19 deaths And Injuries To COVID-19 – Today Down To 5%!

Today the CDC Leader was asked how many people have died of COVID and how many of them have COVID out of 836,000 people who died of COVID.

It seems that FOX News has now opened up our report and the CDC is still confusing numbers and not answering questions correctly.

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