California State ‘Superintendent Of Equity’ Makes $ 160,000 Living In Philadelphia

Author Adam Andrzejewski of RealClearPolicy

Until recently, the California Department of Education paid Daniel Lee more than $ 160,000 to become the “Superintendent of Equity” in the state. He was responsible for promoting social justice and racial equality within the California public school.

However, public outcry led to his resignation on December 14, 2021.

First, one might think that a California government official may live there, or have a partnership in California. However, Daniel Lee was homeless in California, and instead lived in Philadelphia, Pa. Politics.

The California Department of Education said employees could “stay somewhere unless they often had to stay out of government to get the job done,” but did not explain why Lee. Politico reviewed Lee’s resume but did not find any previous experiences in California or links to California school districts.

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Lee also had little knowledge of issues of diversity, fairness, and inclusion. He is a psychologist, life educator, and self-help author, but has never been responsible for any judicial action.

Finally, the California Department of Education has not made the project public, as it does in many instances.

As a result, California appointed a psychiatrist from Philadelphia to lead their experiments. While there are many questions about his employment, one thing we do know: Lee is a close friend of Tony Thurmond, Director of State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

They worked together as employees in Philadelphia. Lee attended the Thurmond wedding.

While Thurmond denies that the net played a part in Lee’s recruitment process, the people of California need the right leadership, and they need to be transparent.

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