Brrr! Some schools are closing in on the extreme cold in the northeastern US

BOSTON (AP) – Northeast was built Tuesday due to freezing temperatures expected to reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 Celsius) in some northern areas and closed some schools elsewhere.

Boston state schools, the largest in Massachusetts, announced Monday that schools would not be reopened Tuesday due to the expected freezing temperatures. The city’s rise on Tuesday is expected to be 12 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 11 C), and air temperatures are expected to drop to 8 degrees Celsius (22 degrees Celsius), according to National Weather Service forecasters.

New York City, too, was at risk of freezing temperatures and freezing temperatures, the Meteorological Agency warned.

It can feel as low as 15 F (minus 26 C) in some Massachusetts areas, depending on the weather activity. And there may be extreme cold in New England, as forecasters say the freezing temperatures could reach 40 F (minus 40 C) in some areas west of Maine.

Lower temperatures below zero, including wind chills, are also expected in Burlington, Vermont, and Concord, New Hampshire. Forecasters said Providence, Rhode Island, should expect air temperatures to drop to about 1 degree Fahrenheit (minus 17 C).

Low temperatures can cause the skin to cool within 30 minutes.

The New Hampshire Health and Human Services Department announced Monday that four state-run COVID-19 testing centers will be closed Tuesday due to cold. Locations are located in Claremont, Manchester, Nashua and Newington.

Central Maine Power is urging customers to remove the windows and open the windows to allow for sunlight and allow sunlight to reduce their dependence on electricity during the winter.

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