Brazilian 15-year-old player dies after Cardiac arrest Following National Soccer Cup Tournament

A 15-year-old soccer player has died after a National Soccer Cup match goianésia, Goiás, Brazil.

Pedro Henrique Oliveira da Silva Souza died Tuesday night, Globe reports. His death was confirmed by his team where he played and trained as a professional.

According to reports, A 15-year-old athlete was admitted to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) around 9 pm Tuesday with low consciousness, bronchospasm (high blood pressure), shortness of breath, cyanosis (lack of oxygenation in the blood), and hematemesis (vomiting with blood). According to experimental reports, the teenager was found to be free of Covid-19. The cause of his illness is still unknown.

The boy was given medication, oxygen therapy, and an injection, but then his condition worsened and his heart sank. The doctors reassured him, but he did not respond.

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History of G5 reports [translated]:

The boy was given medication and placed on oxygen therapy, which resulted in a gradual change, however, he was able to adjust to cognitive decline and was diagnosed with cardiac arrest. Doctors admitted Pedro and performed maintenance work, but the patient did not respond and his death was confirmed at the hospital.

Revelation Futebol Clube de Valparaíso de Goiás, where Pedro played, said the youngster had a dream of becoming a professional footballer and was trained to work professionally. The team mourned the death of its runner and sympathized with the couple.

“I am deeply saddened that I have come to announce the death of our junior high school athlete Pedro Henrique. Who died in a National Soccer Cup match in Georgia. , ” says the club.

The city hall also provided a letter of condolences and experiences as well as words of condolence to the family, friends and team that Pedro played.

“The current government, in a state of shock, is deeply saddened by the death of 15-year-old Pedro Henrique Oliveira da Silva Souza, and is grieving for his family and friends, expressing his grief over his loss,” he said. says a section based on a city document.

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