Biden Urges Countries and Businesses to ‘Do What Is Right’ and Continues to Compel Workers to Vote

Immediately after the Supreme Court presented a dangerous threat In Biden’s government decree to ban vaccines for businesses with 100 employees or more, the False President urged businesses and states to “do the right thing” and continue to pressure their employees to fire Covid.

The government’s crackdown on medical care is “saving lives,” Biden said.

“I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has decided to ban the life-saving requirements for employees in large enterprises that are based on science and law,” he said. “This emergency rate allows co-workers to receive the vaccine or allow workers to refuse the vaccine, as long as they are tested once a week and wear a mask at work: a little overweight.”

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The Oval Office dictator has called on business owners and lawmakers to disregard government regulations and continue to pressure vaccine workers to “protect America’s health and economy.”

“The court has ruled that my superiors cannot use the powers conferred on them by Congress to do so,” Biden said, “but this does not prevent me from using my words as President to urge fellow employers to do the right thing.

“I urge business leaders to work with those who have already taken action – including one-third of Fortune 100 companies – and to establish vaccine requirements to protect their employees, customers, and communities.”

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government’s efforts to enforce a global health law are detrimental to public health.

“OSHA has never enacted such a law. Neither does Congress,” the judges wrote in unsigned letters. NFIB v. OSHA. “Indeed, although Congress has enacted legislation to address the COVID-19 epidemic, it has refused to adopt any measures similar to those announced by OSHA here.”

“Governing bodies are legal entities. That is why they have the authority that Congress has given. The author has ordered 84 million Americans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or to have a weekly medical examination at their own expense, “the idea continues.” This is not a daily exercise of federal power. Instead it is a serious threat to the lives and health of many workers. We expect Congress to speak out in favor of authorizing the agency to exercise greater economic and political power.

“The question, then, is, whether the Act recognizes the role of Secretary. Not at all,” the court said. “The Act empowers the Secretary to establish at work safety principles, not major public health measures. ”

A few days before the Supreme Court overturned the ruling, Joe Biden had already instituted a law banning the removal of his illegitimate government by placing Americans who wanted to avoid Covid vaccination on the affected list.

Federal Entity DC maintains a list of people who have refused to be vaccinated on religious grounds

The Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia often has the task of documenting parole ideas for release, supervising defendants awaiting trial, “reducing recurrence” and “integrating offenders in the community by linking them with resources and support mechanisms.”

Now, the Prison Rehabilitation Agency will prioritize “collecting, storing, disseminating and disposing of information requested by the organization to prevent religious intolerance.”

Although ‘You are not black if you do not vote for me’ — Biden is expressing his commitment to “the nations,” the long-serving extravagant and racist President is using the plague to provoke racism.

Many of the prospective Pretrial Service Agency employees tend to be at odds with what they are directing.

“The Biden government decided to test the system in an organization with a most black workers, both very religious and low vaccination than other groups. Thank you very much for the commitment of the President “Racial equity,” Daily Signal report.

Black Americans are more Christian or Protestant than ordinary people, Pew Research Center’s Religious Education demonstrations. The District of Columbia law prohibiting any entry without issuing a vax card will take effect on Saturday.

As of January 10, “white” people aged 18-49 in DC received a vaccine more than “blacks,” according to District of Columbia Vaccine Data.

Sending an anonymous organization that has never been heard of to create a reservoir of the uncircumcised American people makes the authorities indiscriminately try to establish a policy that they want to establish around the world without repatriating large numbers of people.

As The Daily Signal notes:

“Should Biden announce, for example, that the labor department wants to adopt this policy, it would be a serious matter. The Federal Register where such announcements may be filled with comments that the department must address.”

This may delay the release of the process. By the Pretrial Services Agency, Biden is expected to receive the information promptly and promptly. As such, notice of a new announcement gives less than 30 days for people to comment.

Significant attacks on the First Amendment and medical rights are being carried out by six other government agencies.

“The departments of the federal Treasury, Interior, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, and Transportation, General Services Administration and Securities and Exchange Commission, each have issued laws seeking to establish a ‘system of records.’ those, ”says the Washington Examiner.

The longer the Democrats in the White House, the more uncircumcised American citizens are fleeing.

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