Bhavana Menon shares powerful social media posts on beatings and humiliation

Bhavana Menon went to the social networking site to share with her the experiences she had experienced in the assault case of a Malayalam Dileep player. “This has not been an easy journey. The journey from being tortured to surviving,” Bhavana Menon wrote.

“For 5 years now, my name and reputation have been tarnished by the atrocities committed against me. Although I am not the perpetrator, there have been many attempts to embarrass me, silence me, and isolate me. At times like this, I have taken steps to keep my word. “When I hear a lot of talk, I know I’m not alone in this fight for justice,” wrote the actor, adding: “To see justice done, to punish the perpetrators and ensure that no one else is affected, I will continue this journey. me – thank you so much for your love. “

Bhavana Menon

According to media reports, Bhavana Menon was abducted and raped on his way to Kochi for work in 2017. There were four men who filmed the attack. In July 2017, a Dileep player was arrested as a defendant but released two months after bail.

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