Betty White suffered a stroke 6 days before her death

Betty White suffered a stroke 6 days before her death, according to her death certificate obtained by TMZ.

The beloved actress who starred in “The Golden Girls” died last month just weeks before she turned 100.

The cause of White death has been cited as a “cerebrovascular accident,” which is a medical term for stroke.

Whips disappear due to blood clots.

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TMZ reports:

The cause of Betty’s death is cited as a cerebrovascular accident, according to her death certificate, which is the loss of blood to another part of the brain, resulting in brain damage.

Interestingly … a certificate, obtained by TMZ, states that Betty suffered a stroke 6 days before her death.

Those with specific knowledge tell TMZ …

Cerebrovascular injury is the result of a blockage of blood vessels or a fracture of a nerve in the brain.

White’s agent also denied rumors that the 99-year-old had just received a Covid shot a few days before his death.

“People say his death was linked to a series of shootings three days earlier, but that is not true. He died naturally,” he told the magazine.

Witjas has not commented on whether Betty White received Covid support at all.

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