Ayesha Curry Blows Back As Lover “Insults My Marriage”

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry and solid stone.

If renewing their vows last year it was not enough for you, Aisha’s recent announcement will prove that their love is eternal.

Pa Jan. 10, artist has been sent a picture from his “baby” Price of GQ shot on the cover, saying, “Almighty God Almighty @ stephencurry30.”

But some TV users did not buy her love. “Yet you still want an open smh relationship,” one troll wrote, according to a photo published by TMZ. “If it were him you would have been sent to the streets already.”

Ayesha, 32, responded directly to the user and appeared to have blocked rumors about having one family. “Don’t believe everything you read,” he wrote, on TMZ, before clapping his hands, “Do you know how stupid it is? Don’t despise my marriage like that. Please thank you.”

He married a basketball star, 33, in 2011. On his 10th wedding anniversary, Steph surprised his wife last summer with a ceremony to renew the oath, which Ayesha called the “most beautiful” event. She said her husband “chose my dress and waited.”

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