Ava DuVernay Unveils New Arrowverse Series Caravan

Naomi, clad in a button-down shirt and pink sweater, looks at a picture book store.

Picture: Fernando Decillis / The CW

It did not appear that there was a significant increase in the following TV series to match the CW Arrowverse, Naomi. This is amazing because it comes from Selma ‘s Awa DuVernay, and unfortunately because this new exhibition trailer — which will start tomorrow night — makes it look different from any other top DC series on the internet.

We saw a picture Naomi videos at a time DC Fandome an incident in October last year, which focused on a meeting between the small town of Oregon and Superman, in which young Naomi McDuffie (Kaci Walfall) fainted unconsciously. The DuVerney trailer released today has more than just this, as well as an amazingly encouraging message:

There’s a lot going on here, as well as appearances from major actors, including Mary-Charles Jones, Cranston Johnson, Alexander Wraith, Daniel Puig., Aidan Gemme, Will Meyers, Camila Moreno, Barry Watson, and Law & Order: SVUStephanie March, among others. We learn that Naomi Superman mega-fan, full of blogs; he is a hell of a skateboarder; and it looks like he and his friends are research the secret of what Naomi did with Superman, they found that there is more to Naomi’s origins than to raising children (something). that Wraith’s Dee seems to know a lot).

If you have come this far without knowing the secret of Naomi, I see no reason to confuse; suffice it to say, so far his original story seems to be very much in line with the origins of the DC hero as he was created by writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker in his self-proclaimed 2019 comic. But what really impresses me about TV shows is how movies look Naomi form. I think it should come as no surprise that DuVernay is running the show, but it looks so much better than any other Arrowverse series, past and present, it’s just a fantasy of Flash or Batwoman standing – not to do so. , probably in the first season, as DuVernay confirmed last week. (Then Superman and Lois‘Tyler Hoechlin cannot stand to say hello after rescuing the town.)

Naomi begins at the CW tomorrow night, and will be available at ther CW app Wednesday.

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