Apple’s iCloud Private Relay Feature Produces Crazy Carriers

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New Apple Private Relay the form of iPhones does not fit well with the carriers, and some users are doing everything they can to break the privacy before accessing your iPhone.

Announced at WWDC last year, Private Relay is new iCloud + which pushes your internet requests through VPN filters — if no one else — even Apple — can see the amount of your internet connection. Protects you from ISPs or websites that can use your DNS and IP addresses to create a profile and advertise your business.

Instead of managing your data as a VPN, Private Relay stores your data before moving on to an Apple-managed server that removes the DNS request from your IP address and then transfers it to an anonymous “trusted friend” who uses a fake IP. address. Although it has a number of limitations – this feature only works in Safari, you need an iCloud + paid account, and it does not hide your location – Privacy Relay is often seen as a privacy tool, if not a complete VPN.

According to a report from Telegraph, European carriers and brick feature. Open letter (via report from Telegraph) signed by Vodafone, Telefonica, and T-Mobile-based giants states that Apple’s new secret formula could hamper their ability to run networks and violate EU “digital rule”.

“How private communications will be established to have far-reaching effects on European digital domination. In addition, private communications will disrupt the ability to create and compete in low-cost digital markets and could disrupt users’ ability to effectively manage mobile networks,” the letter said. reads.

Users expect the European Commission to call Apple a “digital watchdog,” a name that the report says “could halt operations such as private communications.”

There are also reports that T-Mobile / Sprint in the United States is blocking Private Relay when your phone is connected to its mobile network, but this may be a simple matter.

Twitter user Jon Guidry (via 9 to 5mc), a T-Mobile customer, tried to start a Private Relay but was received with a note stating that he was “turned off on your mobile devices” and warned that the network could monitor him.

Some T-Mobile video players may be releasing this slowly, which may explain why some customers may allow Private Relay. However, the documents leaked published by T-Mo reports showed that customers with other filters and filters, such as TMobile’s Web Guard, cannot find Private Relay.

T-Mobile later confirmed to Gizmodo that customers with other filters plans I can not opportunity Private Relay because it prevents the carriers from working properly.

“Customers who have selected filters and filters (e.g. parental controls) do not have access to iCloud Private Relay to allow these services to operate as they were designed. All other clients have no restrictions,” a T-Mobile representative wrote in an email.

Private Relay is currently in beta category in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. The function is automatically turned off and must be turned on manually within the Tunnel.

Update 9:05 pm ET: We have changed the subject to include a statement from T-Mobile confirming that the service is not available to existing customers. he signs to other filter plans.

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