Apple agrees to pay third parties for South Korean software

Apple will soon allow developers to use alternative payment systems in South Korea to integrate with the country the new law. According to The Korea Herald, a tech giant has changed its plans for how its app store can help pay for other people at the Korea Communications Commission. Apparently it did not include much of the time when the change in his store will take effect and the amount of money that will be paid on his payments. However, the company also stated that its reduction in other payments would be less than 30 percent.

South Korea passed a law – called “anti-Google law” – last year that required major software stores such as Google and Apple to allow third-party payment methods. It was very difficult for the tech professionals who often just hold on tight in their software stores. Both are facing lawsuits against the committee they take from the manufacturers. Their highest legal battle is probably the case one is Epic, which started after a video game developer tried to work around 30 percent of companies by offering discounts to users who purchase game fees directly from its portal.

Korea’s new law states that companies will be fined if they refuse to comply and force drivers to use their own payment systems. Google was sent his first plans to comply with the law come into effect in September, revealing that it will reduce his work by four quarters in cases that do not apply his payment method. As for Apple, we will probably hear more in the coming months. Another prophet said in his words:

“We look forward to working with KCC and our development team on a solution that benefits our Korean users. Apple has great respect for Korean law and a strong reputation associated with the world’s leading programmers. Our mission will always be to guide and keep the App Store safe and reliable for users to download their favorite apps. “

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