Although the Pennsylvania 2020 election campaign has been delayed and criticized by Democrats, RINOs and Dominion, Elections are expected to begin work on Wednesday.

The 2020 survey in Fulton County, Pennsylvania is still underway. Investigators are trying to make progress but the Pennsylvania Democrats, RINOs, and Dominion are trying to stop or stop any efforts to investigate the results of the 2020 elections.

In Fulton County, PA, all suspects are still at large. RINO GOP politicians and Democrats are working together to block any scrutiny of the PA Senate in the 2020 Election. Dominion is trying to stop Fulton County PA from offering Senate Investigation in Fulton County’s. Voting machine).

We reported on this last weekend.

Dominion is shaking in Pennsylvania because their machines must not have been ‘properly’ frozen ‘and not yet used.

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Although the Judge has not yet ruled on whether Dominion should be part of the case, Dominion is in good agreement with the PA Secretary of State and Attorney General Shapiro.

The PA Secretary of State and the Attorney General have lied about oral disputes before the Commonwealth Court where subpoena members from the Senate Committee have been challenged (for example, arguing that making a legal copy of voting weapons would damage the evidence. only [Dominion] has expertise in compiling / analyzing this type).

Those involved in the investigation are expected the court to approve the collection of legal data this Wednesday. The team working on the construction of the Senate had complied with the Secretary-General’s wishes and provided ample evidence of their expertise in carrying out such work as well as a detailed outline of how the legal process would take place. In response, the Secretary of State and the AG continue to oppose, insisting that the work not continue because their expert (a West Coast person with no cyber or forensic knowledge) is absent for the next several weeks. .

Will Democrats and Dominions be allowed to stop and disrupt Pennsylvania’s investigation? Time will tell.

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