Adam Schiff Says Republicans Will Never Have ‘Any Future’ Like Trump’s ‘Anti-Truth Religion’

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of Russiagate’s recent popularity he said that if the Republican Party had any future, it would not be the “true religion” of former President Donald Trump.

Schiff made the remarks Tuesday in an interview, surprisingly, on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” of MSNBC.

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Rep. Schiff Predicts GOP Future

Mitchell said, “We feel very different from another Republican Senator, Mike Rounds, who says his party should be honest about the 2020 election in the wake of the recent President Trump attack. Listen to Senator Rounds’ comments.”

Rounds said, “I think Republicans should be honest. And I think honesty is important. So, in my opinion, if we want to maintain the trust of our supporters and voters, then we have to be honest with them.”

Schiff followed, said, “Well, he’s absolutely right. Truth is important, honesty is important. ”

He did not respond to his comments from Russiagate over the past five years and how this is consistent with truth and honesty.

Schiff then spoke of what he believed could be reserved for a Republican party that still looks after Trump.

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“If a Republican party has any future it must come back to be a party of ideas and ideologies and not a religion that opposes the truth of the former president,” Schiff said.

“That is why I think he is in danger, and I think it will no longer be necessary for the Republican Party, it is important for the whole country to be united in truth and stop undermining, in the case of the Republican Party, public confidence in our elections because this leads to political violence as we saw on January 6, added Schiff.

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