2 Ways to Send Messages Instead of iMessage on iPhone

Sometimes when you are trying to send messages from your iPhone and it is not sending, because you use it iMessage and in your area there are fewer ways to access the network. So, in such cases, you should know how to send a text message instead of iMessage on your iPhone. Read on to find out all the possible options here!

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Send Messages (SMS) Instead of iMessage

To send a message instead of iMessage, you need to turn on the settings, and you can also send SMS directly from the messaging app. This is how it is.

Start Sending as SMS

If you want to send SMS instead of iMessage, you can enable the same from settings. Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Open Settings and go to Messages.

2. Scroll down and turn on toggle next to “Send as SMS”.

Once you activate this on your iPhone, you can send an SMS from the messaging app. This, however, will only work if iMessage is not available.

1. Open Messages and find create message button.

2. Now check the contact of the person you want to send the message to.

3. Type your message and click the Send button.

4. Now quickly click and hold the chat boiler and you will see a menu with other options.

5. Select “Send as Text Message”.

That’s right. You will notice that the bubble chat will turn from blue to green which means that your message has been sent as a message instead of iMessage.

Turn off iMessage to Send All Text

If you want to send all your messages as messages, you can simply turn off the iMessage option altogether. Follow these steps to stop the process:

1. Open Settings and select Messages.

2. Here turn off the toggle near iMessage.

Now all your messages will be sent as a message instead of iMessage even if the network is available or even you will send it to other iPhone users. As you may already know, if you send it to non-Apple users, they will receive spam.

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