12 Practical Dating Advice for Shy Men

12 Practical Dating Advice for Shy Men

12 Practical Dating Advice for Shy Men

1. Avoid being the “nice guy.”

The following are some facts about shy men: They are pleasant. Is it only nice? This does not imply that you should be impolite. No, this does not imply that being “nice” is a personality trait. Being polite and courteous to women will not help you get a date because that is the bare minimum. You are probably better than most of the guys hitting on her if you are nice, but being nice does not make you interesting.

Create a personality and ensure that it shines through. You’d like to make a good impression on your crush. Finally, they should be able to say something about you that isn’t “he was nice.” Being nice will almost certainly land you in the friendzone. When shy guys continue to struggle to break out of the friendzone, their dating life reaches a nadir.

So stop being “just nice” and start being something more.

2. Improve your appearance

This does not imply doing anything drastic, such as joining a gym or purchasing expensive clothing, though these things will not hurt. There are other minor changes you can make to improve your appearance. As an introvert, striking up a conversation with someone you like is completely out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps you become nervous when conversing with others, resulting in a few awkward situations. In any case, grooming yourself can go a long way toward making a good first impression.

Comb your hair, trim your toes, use lip balm or a skin care routine, get some deodorant, and so on. When it comes to dating, these small gestures can go a long way.

There is no reason why a shy guy dating profile should not have a well-groomed picture.

3. Keep in mind the 10-second rule.

A shy guy only needs to be brave for ten seconds when it comes to dating. Initiating a discussion, introducing oneself for the first time, or even asking someone out takes roughly ten seconds. The remainder is dependent on factors beyond your control, such as how their day is going and whether or not they are in the mood to talk. Even if your crush appears to be out of your league, you can approach her by following this 10-second rule.

If approaching a stranger is intimidating and asking them out seems unattainable, remember that all you have to do is be brave for ten seconds; it won’t take much longer.

4. Master the art of small talk.

A couple converses in a cafe.
Small talk is beneficial.

Small talk can be boring or painfully awkward for introverted or shy men. Regrettably, this is something you must learn. When you’re courting or dating someone, there are usually a few long silences at the beginning. However, if they occur too frequently, the other person may become uneasy.

So, here’s a dating tip for shy guys: learn how to make small talk; it’s a useful skill to have. There are many ways to practice, but talking to strangers is the most effective. You could even try flirting – at least once!

You don’t have to go out of your way for this; it might be the person on the bus next to you or the person buying groceries next to you. The goal here is for you to become comfortable making small talk with strangers, not to establish friends. Otherwise, you’ll come out as boring, and no one wants to date someone who is boring.

5.Be ecstatic about your interests.

If you’re an introvert, you typically avoid topics like hobbies and oneself in general while you’re among others. However, your interests shape who you are. To let the other person know who you are, you should be proud of your interests.

When it comes to dating, being an introvert has its challenges. You need to communicate what you enjoy and why you like it so that the other person doesn’t have to. When you and your date have interests, it makes dating a lot more fun.

6. Do not change your plans.

When shy guys get cold feet at the last minute and have to cancel a date, it can be difficult for them to date. Avoid doing so.

When plans are canceled, it is one of the best feelings for an introvert. I know for a fact that when the pressure of having to go out is removed, it can be quite relaxing. It is dangerous to do this too frequently. Make every effort not to cancel plans or to make up for them if you must.

When you’re dating someone, they need to know they can trust you. So, even if you’re not in the best of moods, try your hardest to stick to whatever plans you’ve made. And, please, never cancel a date via text message.

7.The initial meeting with someone

For introverts, first dates can be a particularly perilous experience. For these reasons, timid men seldom have the opportunity to go on dates. If the first date is unsuccessful, there will be no chance for a second. Do something to bring out your conversational side on first dates.

It’s critical that you two converse so that you may get to know one another better. This is why you should steer clear of public places like the theaters, where you can feel awkward talking. It’s also a good idea to engage in something you both enjoy doing together.

It’s not about where you go or what you do on a first date; it’s about trying to make the other person laugh while also having a nice time yourself.

8. Shy men tend to overthink things.

Overthinking is something that many shy men and introverts do frequently. You become engrossed in a particular train of thought and latch on to it, causing an increase in stress. Furthermore, you may already be experiencing new relationship anxiety.

Try not to overthink the relationship; it is easy to get caught up in your own thoughts, but panicking over things over which you have no control is counterproductive. Shy guys in relationships have a tendency to do this, which they should avoid.

Instead, try to focus on the positive aspects of your date and build on them; it will be far more productive.

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